I am proud and humbled to announce my candidacy for Seminole County Commission - District 5. I am committed to bringing back servant-leadership to public office and advocacy that reflects our community.

T.R.U.T.H. Principles

Transparency and Tax Responsibility

I will make keeping taxes low and cutting wasteful spending a top priority. I will do so by providing full transparency into how tax proceeds are spent, as well as informing residents of county resources available to them. Seeing as you work hard for your money, you also have the right to control how tax dollars are spent.

Rural and Urban Quality of Life

I will keep high density development out of rural, agricultural, and environmentally sensitive areas and communities, while simultaneously building on infrastructure in urban areas. They are all essential when it comes to protecting our quality of life. We must embrace growth and progress while keeping Seminole County Florida’s Natural Choice.

Uniform Protection

I will give our brave public servants the resources and pay that they need to keep our families safe. From teachers to first responders and everyone in-between, they all play a vital role in the development and safety of our community. I will also implement programs to foster community relationships with our first responders.

Transformation of Small Business and Employment Opportunities

As a successful small business owner, I know what it takes to run a business, maintain a positive relationship with the community, and promote exponential growth. I will provide opportunity, resources, and advocate for small business owners. I will also advocate for the creation of fulfilling and meaningful employment opportunities for all of Seminole County.

Housing Affordability, Creating Path to Homeownership, and Sustainable Housing

Seeing as Seminole County is Florida’s Natural Choice, it is only right that I lobby for sustainable housing and environmental protection. I will also work with the Seminole County Housing authority to expand access to more affordable housing options. In addition to that, I will create community programs geared towards creating realistic paths to homeownership for all.